Bronwen Winter Phoenix is a three-time published, award-nominated fiction author and freelance writer currently residing in the UK (with brief spells in LA). A highly-devoted supporter of the Root Vegetable Rights Campaign (1976 – present), she is still unfortunately one of those evil meat-eater types. Of course, she’s not averse to a good parsnip or two, as long as they’ve been treated right.

Her third novel, ‘Grassmarket Blood’ was published by Cauliay Publishing in August 2011, and was nominated for a Galaxy Book Award.

Along with freelancing and copywriting/editing for a variety of clients, Bronwen has previously written for entertainment magazines Screenpicks (Associate Editor), ScreencraveTuppence MagazineThe Flaneur, as well as various news publications (online and print). 

She is also currently editing her fourth novel, a weird/comedy/sci-fi/thriller, and features a main character called Meredith who has a penchant for tea and older men. Previous member of the Fife Book Festival board, in charge of press and PR, as well as reading herself at the event in October 2012, fiction is one of her biggest dedications.

However, not having a clue what she’s currently doing in life, Bronwen has vowed to abandon all her woes in the deepest and darkest Amazonian jungle she can find, in a loin cloth, if things go inherently wrong for her. Also, having received various offers from men promising to take her to Easter Island, she still hasn’t been yet. Still a sore point, and she is still open to offers.

Under the alias of Capt. Feral Phoenix, Bronwen started up her own online magazine called ‘Feral Army’ where she freely employed a bunch of writers she called ‘ferals’ to write for her. Bronwen herself managed to interview many celebrities and write about things such as Carl Jung and horror writing before Feral Army finally closed its doors in early 2011. It’d had a good run, but it needed the funding rather badly.

Her publisher at Cauliay Publishing once stated that if there was an X-Factor for writers, she would be the winner. Little does he know that if there was an X-Factor for writers, she would probably kill herself.

She also acted as ‘Sarah Brodie’ in local film project ‘The Happy Lands’ (2012). More recently actor and producer of ‘I JUICE YOUR BRAIN’ (2015).