Demon-stration – Interview by Capt. Feral Phoenix



Extreme Metal three-piece Demon-Stration are a band in need of a drummer.  In the midst of recording their first album ‘Ouroboros’, things are pretty tough, as they say, with the recent loss of Lewis “Bludgeoned” (not literally, we hope!) originally from Arkum (semi) fame.


Right now the band consists of original members, Callum Cant (Bass & Vocals), Craig Robinson (Guitars) and we await the release of their debut album ‘Ouroboros’ with breath that is baited.

Your Good Capt. Feral Phoenix caught up with Craig for the band for a very feral interview, and to find out exactly what’s going on…


Capt: So Craig, thanks for agreeing to the interview. Firstly, Craig Robinson, what do you know? Tell us one thing.

Craig: Drugs are bad!!


Capt: What are you up to at the moment, we hear you’re recording? Tell us about that.

Craig: So yeah we’ve been recording at mate’s house, he’s the drummer for the thrash band Annihilation and uhmmm … were nearly done.


Capt: A house-recorded album, huh? Old skool, indeed! We’ve heard you’re a drummer short, has that put a spanner in the works?

Craig: Obviously not having a drummer isn’t helping us. It makes playing live pretty much impossible and electric drums don’t quite cut it for recording.


Capt: What happened there then?

Craig: Our drummer left to pursue other projects.


Capt: Ooh, very political answer there! So you didn’t have a tiff then?

Craig: He’s an okay guy, he just has about two or three other bands.


Capt: According to MySpace, the album is called ‘Ouroboros’, what does that mean?

Craig: Well, if you must know, the song ‘Ouroboros’ is about eating yourself, but ‘ouroboros’ means an ever-lasting cycle, and a symbol for a snake eating itself. We took the literal meaning of the symbol.


How did you all meet/first get together as a band?

Craig: A long, long time ago when the band was just starting, I was called to jam with the band playing thrash song covers although me and Callum (bassist) have been jamming at school since we were like 13.


Capt: How did you come up with the name Demon-stration?

Craig: I didn’t, it was an ex-member, Jack. He  just said it for a laugh.


Capt: Do you believe in demons?

Craig: Like personal demons or the scary bastards that come from Hell?


Capt: Either. Let’s have a discussion about demons. This’ll be fun.

Craig: Yay. Let’s. Well I don’t believe in the Hell demons, as I’m yet to meet one.


Capt: Do you have any personal demons of your own?

Craig: Hmmm, not that I know of.


Capt: Really? How are you going to give us a ‘demon-stration’ then, ahahaaah, see what I did there? Seriously though, surely being part of an extreme metal band, having some sort of demons is a neccessity! It adds character.

Craig: Maybe it does. But maybe being laid back makes sense too in an extreme band, as it’s not what most people expect.


Capt: Is that your thing then, being laid-back? Are you a bit like Buddha of the Metal world?

Craig: If you want to put it like that yeah. Except I’m not quite as inspirational as Buddha.


Capt: So if I asked you for an inspirational quote right now, I’d get something like ‘don’t drink too much Irn Bru as that shit is bad for you’?

Craig: Uhmm, I’m not that inspiring.


Capt: Agreed. How would you describe your sound?

Craig: Our sound? Nice and beefy


Capt: Interesting way to put it! Would you compare yourselves to any other artists/bands out there and who would you like to be as successful as?

Craig: The bands that we are into, you can’t really describe them as successful, but I would like to get our songs out there and appreciated, compared to other bands I’d say we sound nearly the same to bands like ‘Carcass’ and ‘Cannibal Corpse’ (just without the drummers)


Capt: ‘Cannibal Corpse’… nice name! Are you signed at the moment?

Craig: Nooo, I wish. I’d say that was a long way off just now(but u never know)

Capt: What’s your best live gig experience so far?

Craig: We haven’t played live nearly enough as I would have liked, but getting a good response from a crowd is always a good feeling


Capt: Which would you prefer, a mango or a tango?

Craig: Both, because I’m greedy.


Capt: Hahah! Do you have a website?

Craig: The closest it gets to a band site is our MySpace page with the sexy layout designed by Mr Neal Mullen of Unholy Creations. You can find it here:             .


Capt: Where do you get inspiration for your songs/what’s the creative process you go through?

Craig: Our writing process usually involves me drinking coffee at stupid times at night and sticking guitar riffs together.


Capt: Nice, I miss those coffee times, myself. Gives me heart palpitations now, it does. What’s the most feral thing you’ve ever done?

Craig: Climbed on the school roof?


Capt: Ensign Feral has a question. As far as metal goes, do you prefer stainless steel or aluminium?

Craig: Is this a trick question??


Capt: Nope, pick one.

Craig: Stainless steel all the way. (it helps you eat)


Capt: Excellent choice. I hate when Americans say ‘al-uuuum-i-num’

Craig: To be honest, I think that makes more sense.


Capt: Traitor. What can we ferals expect for the future of Demon-stration?

Craig: Well after the album is done, we may send it away to all the metal record labels and hope to get a positive response for them.


Capt: That’s it, keep the faith. If you could go with any record label, who would you choose? (On the off-chance they might see this)

Craig: Possibly Metal Blade. They have some great bands already and it would be cool to join them.


Capt: And lastly, do you have a message for the Feral Nation?

Craig: Uhhh… stick in school.


Capt: Thanks Craig, good luck with finding a new drummer!