Team Awesome DJs

If you’re in London then you’ve probably heard of Team Awesome. If you haven’t then you’ve not lived. Seriously.
Lets start from the beginning. Two girls joined together by their love of music and having a good time decided to become a DJing duo and managed to secure a regular slot at The Good Ship in North London, a hop, skip and a jump away from Nottinghill and Camden. Not shy about actually telling people about their DJ nights the girls soon became the talk of the town (at least Camden Town anyway). Their blend of electro and dance floor classics was hard to resist and it wasn’t long before the team were filling support slots for bands and of course running their own successful DJ nights across London. 

Lets not forget to mention their appearances in The Mighty Boosh Series 3! If that wasn’t enough, the team supported the Boosh boys before some of their live band performances this year. Very cool indeed!

Now with two extra sidekicks Team Awesome are well on their way to becoming an institution in the London music scene. You have been warned.


Cat On The Wall: Welcome to Blind Date! What’s your name and where do you come from?

Team Awesome: Hello, we’re Team Awesome and we’re from London (except for the one from Brighton, and the one currently on a brief sabbatical up in Manchester)
COTW: Team Awesome have expanded! I blame the Krispy Kreme donuts. When and how did this happen?
TA: This was a natural progression brought about by the fact that when we were two there was way too much oestrogen knocking about, and when Christy went up to Manchester then we were rather stuck for the large number of gigs we had booked for the summer, and so our good friends James Hammersley from The London Fractures swiftly became JB Fracture, and Adam Claxton from Butterfly Bangs, Fitty Dam Bang. And we haven’t looked back since!
COTW: Do you have a slogan or some kind of quote or word you say to each other? Like in Team America they say ‘fuck yeah’ all the time or maybe you have a special Team Awesome hand signal?
TA: There is an awesome hand signal, we didn’t make it up though, we stole it from society! We don’t so much have anything we particularly say to each other… but we are all quite proficient in ridiculous dance moves. Especially Fitty, who is the King of 90s dance moves.

 How easy (or difficult) is it Djing? I’m planning on Djing at my 25th birthday this year but I have no idea how to line up beats and all that malarkey although I have practised my DJ moves which is an essential part don’t you think?
TA: It’s a common misconception that the skill lies in beat matching, obviously that is important, but it’s not something that you can learn that specifically – it’s more about sensing your crowd and seeing what gets them moving, and what sounds right together, you could feasibly beat match anything, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to sound any good!

You can’t have tracks which jarr with one another – they have to flow, as it were. In addition, a lot of venues have CRAP decks, so you have to be able to think it through in your mind and not rely on the technology, we have “our” decks which are top of the range Technics SLDZ1200s, which makes beat matching super easy, but you can’t rely on that, because the set up in a venue rarely will match what you have in, and as such, you need to know in yourself what sounds good and how tracks fit together.

Have I mentioned that Laptop Djing is cheating? I might just be saying that cause its too modern and complicated for my tiny mind, but I still think it’s cheating. I think iPod Djing is cheating too.

 You’re a very fashionable lot. You even have your own t-shirts. How cool is that?Are you very image conscious or do you see yourselves more as trend setters? What are you wearing at the moment (in a non pervy way)?
TA: It IS cool! But that’s thanks to Charles of London who very kindly took an interest in us and wanted to make our T Shirts for us. Couldn’t really ask for a cooler affiliation, we LOVE Charles of London! I wouldn’t say we are image concious – well, not in our Team Awesome get up anyway!

It’s all pretty tongue in cheek to be honest, we just like to have fun and dress up, we don’t take it that seriously cause it should all just be a lot of fun. We were Djing at Rehab in Kent, and we had full on neon UV facepaints and when we were walking to the venue there was the slight worry that they wouldn’t quite “get” that it was supposed to be fun and ironic, and they might actually think we thought we were some kind of neon superheroes (which, actually, we clearly are) and murder us in the back streets of Maidstone.

 It is rare these days to come across music promoters who actually care about the music rather than just the money they can make out of it. What made you decide to start putting on gigs for bands?
TA: Exactly that actually! With two members in bands and myself managing four bands, we are very sensitive to that whole set up, slap anything on the bill, doesn’t matter if it all doesn’t fit, make some money, don’t give any to the bands etc. etc. It’s all way too much pressure for something which should just be a lot of fun.

Going and seeing a band should be something anyone can do, just a good night out, laughing and dancing. Bands work BLOODY hard and the last thing they need is to feel like just another number on an endless conyeyor belt of pack ’em in, churn ’em out nights.

 Any gigs/nights coming up?
TA: Always! Keep an eye on the myspace! We have a monthly residency at the Good Ship but the next big deal will be our Halloween Ball, we have Rev & Snell DJing (Towers of London / Prodigy / Team Disgusting) as well as a beautiful line up of Trash Money headlining with support from The London Fractures and Butterfly Bangs. Lots of dressing up and silly games till 4am, a massive dirty party! It’s gonna rock. Tickets are available online here…
COTW: I keep being told by my friends that you can lose yourself in London, get all isolated, but there seems to be quite a community spirit where you are. You’re all working together and supporting each other on different projects. Is that something to do with where you live or more about the kind of friends you have?
TA: It’s not really about where we live, as I said we are quite spread out, it’s more about the “scene” as it were, it’s a crazy small world, I keep making new acquaintances only to realise we already know about 6 of the same people and have generally been in the same place at the same time, lots. It’s bizarre really, but it’s good. More people should be more willing to form a little bond, a little army and help each other out, we try and do that with our little group – we put each other forward for stuff where possible, it’s nice, because as much as you are on top of your own promotion, you can’t be everywhere at once!

 Do you have any projects going on at the moment?
TA: We always have projects going on, some crazy scheme one or other of us has come up with, we usually run with them! Lots of ideas, some fans have offered to do us a “behind the scenes” film, which I think could be fun. A lot more goes into putting on these nights than people realise, a lot of times I am in a venue for 12 hours, from start to finish. I think it could be good to see what we do, for other people who want to do something similar. I hope people do start putting on more nights of their own, it’s not inacheivable, it’s a lot of fun and really rewarding.

 I hear there’s talk of a Team Awesome podcast? Tell me more!

TA: There is… nothing has happened yet though, we’ve all been a bit too immersed in our various individual projects to sit down and talk it through but JB Fracture has said he will do the technical bits and hopefully we will move on it soon. Maybe in the run up to the Halloween Ball. Keep your eyes peeled on the myspace and facebook groups for more info!

 Ok, imagine you’re stepping into the DJ booth, the crowd is loud and energetic, and they’re ready to dance, dance, dance! What are the first 3 tunes you hit the decks with?

TA: Genesis – Justice / We Are Rockstars – Does It Offend You, Yeah? / Hot Ride – Prodigy
Three of the most awesomely crafted songs in the actual known universe. Don’t even THINK about arguing with us, we are resolute.

 What are you plans for the near future?
TA: Well, all we want to do is keep having fun, and keep putting on nights which other people enjoy! If there is anything else we can do to bring a smile to people’s faces, then we’ll probably have a crack at that too! However, in the mean time, as I have mentioned already, we’re just gearing up for the Halloween Ball, then comes the Christmas Ball… it never stops in Team Awesome-land!


BQ – Betty Q (Lis)
JC – Johnny Christchild (Christy)
JBF – JB Fracture (Hammersley)
FDB – Fitty Dam Bang (Adam)

How old are you all?

BQ – Bloody ancient. 27.

JBF – Oldest and the wisest. 28.

JC – Barely Legal. 25.

FDB – What was the question again?

What made you each get into music, have you always been interested in it?

BQ – I mainly got into it as an acceptable way to touch up hot boys in bands. This isn’t as much of a lie as I would like to believe. No, ok. Really? Its because I got frustrated by continually seeing bands perform on crappy bills, with promoters more interested in making money than doing it for the music. Very few people these days want to help anyone for nothing… so I thought if I could use whatever limited talents I have to help bands out in whatever small way I can – then thats what I should do. Check me out, some kind of music saint. I am basically as good, if not better, than Jesus. If, of course, Jesus had worked in the music industry instead of messing about making stuff out of wood.

JC – All Hail Betty Q!

JBF – I mainly got into it an acceptable way to touch up hot girls outside of bands. Well, I’ve played in bands since I was 15 and moved to London a few years ago to get famous. I started off playing guitar and now play keyboards for indie outfit the London Fractures. The move to electronica and DJ’ing was the natural next step.

JC – I mainly got into it, as an acceptable way to go off and touch up Monkeys – the ones that dance in Fez hats at car boot sales. And now here I am, living the dream!

FDB – I mainly got into it as an acceptable way to touch up the other three, aswell as cop an eye full of Betty Q’s exquisite cajungas…No seriously, I love the way good music makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, which is a bigger thrill than ringing erotic chat lines…

How did you all meet each other?

BQ – Erotic chat lines.

JC – I was wet_nips and Betty was queen_of_quim and we teamed up to from an alliance against Pervy_Peter_Perineum, the on-site pedo.

JBF – I was the Managing Director of an erotic chat line company.

FDB – Oops! Busted!

Do you feel you bond well in Team Awesome because you are close to each other?

BQ – You know how the spice girls all pretend to be friends but in actual fact, they all fucking hate each other? Its kind of like that. But with better clothes and less impressive salaries.

JBF – I want a new Team Awesome t-shirt. Geek Spice.

FDB – I like it when we cuddle.

BQ – I feel bad for saying we hate each other. We don’t really, we love each other very much. More like the teletubbies, really, than the spice girls.

JC – Fracture has to be Tinky Winky so that next time he gets drunk early, he can be sick into his handbag!

BQ – Ah man, I was going to say that, but then decided it was too harsh! Haha. True though… gonna get some mileage out of your early bath, Fracture.

How did you come up with the name Team Awesome?

BQ – I thought of that one! It sort of started off as a joke, but then it stuck!

JC – There is a hand gesture that goes with it. It made us laugh until we did a wee.

BQ – We still do the hand gesture from time to time, its not died out. I also feel people should realise that Team Awesome should always be pronounced as if you were Eric Cartman. Factual.

JC – Crossed with the South Park Saddam Houssain character too.

When did JB Fracture and Fitty Dam Bang join, how was that brought about?

BQ – JB Fracture joined because Christy had to move up north on a research project for 4 months and he wanted me to teach him Djing so I thought if I was doing that, I might as well keep him for a bit. Fitty Dam Bang joined because there were certain dates JB couldn’t do, and because hes awesome and we have a laugh. Oh, and our fans appreciate a bit of eye candy!

JBF – What, I’m not good enough eye candy?!

BQ – Here we go again… “Who’s hotter?! Me or Fitty?” Its not a competition you know! Which is lucky for you, really! Ha! I am just relieved no one has questioned my “lets get a couple of hotties in” motives. Its purely for the fans I tells ya!

FDB – A dance off it is!

BQ – A dance off? A NAKED dance off? I’ll bring the popcorn!

JC – Body poppin’ boys and butterscotch popcorn – what a night! 

Do you all have the same interests and influences or do you each bring something to Team Awesome individually?

BQ – Christy and I have an amazing ability to create astoundingly brilliant cheesy dance moves. JB has techno-geek knowledge and can do clever things… not always successfully! You will have to wait and see what Fitty brings to the table when he does a gig with us!

JBF – I want to plug my keyboard in to channel 3 but they won’t let me.

BQ – He’s literally obsessed with the Aux Channel, if he could put his willy in it, he would. In fact – I bet he does. Sicko.

FDB – I bring a little one eyed Goldfish called Steve. he’s a drunk and likes Kajagoogoo.

JC – That’s a conincidence, I have a one eyed trouser-snake called Justin. He’s a crack addict and sexual predator.

BQ – I met him, its true, he knocked me up.

JC – He’s got his one-eye on Steve next…

BQ – You can break it down like this, I do all the boring bookings and managementy stuff, Christy is the glamorous one, JB likes to do the geek jobs, and Fitty can reach things from high places! Its symbiotic I tells ya.

What do you think of the mainstream music industry at the moment; what do you think of the music charts?

BQ – I am passing this question on to anyone else, I am so out of touch, I have literally NO idea of anything in the charts or so called mainstream. Christy is forever telling me about a good song shes heard or something and I have never heard of them… I suck.

JC – And when I am trying to sing them to her, I end up sounding like a retarded and deaf mule. There are a few good songs out there, but mainly its just noise. Oh god, how old are we?!

JBF – Isn’t the mainstream like the Hoosiers and The Feeling and that? Or am I just thinking of indie mainstream whatever that is? A little bit soft for my liking to put it lightly, it’s got to have some punch to it… there needs to be more dirty phat synths.

BQ – You can’t say “phat” – you are WAY too middle class.

FDB – I fucking hate The Hoosiers.. oh and Scouting for girls for that matter…a lot of mainstream sucks because its not that inspirational which is why there are so many artists doing it by themselves.. ha ha, you said PHAT!

JC – We like that Jack Sparrow guy…

BQ – Its SAM Sparro – for the fucking 800th time, you mong, he is not a Pirate Lord.

There are many aspiring DJs out there, what would be your advice for them?

BQ – I don’t think we want to give them any advice, they might listen to it and take our jobs off us!

JBF – Join Team Awesome.

BQ – I think we’re a bit full now – we’ve already expanded by 100%. We’re a bit like Abba now, lets leave it at that – we dont wanna become Blazin’ Squad.

FDB – Never get so drunk you have to be get carried up the stairs and put into a taxi before 1am! (*cough* Mr Fracture!)

JC – Do you not mean fall DOWN stairs, using your face as a sled?

Do you have any heavily requested songs-if so what are they?

BQ – We have a dedicated following of fans who call themselves the Dollybirds (or, as we call them, The Team Awesome Army) and we always play Cars by Gary Numan for them. They all stand in a line and do this dance… its genius. Cracks us up every time.

JC – We once DJd at a wedding and managed to upset the entire older generation by rudely not playing Dancing Queen by Abba. We didn’t have it, but apparently this made us as bad as Satan in their eyes, and they were really mean to us, and the worst bit is, it’s a fucking SHIT SONG!

Do you like to help promote friend’s bands when you play DJ sets? (like Robots in Disguise and Trash Money)

BQ – As much as we can! Not just bands, we also have friends who do remixes who are brilliant – The Billion Dollar Djs and CCK for example.

JC – Yes, we always try and support our friends bands as much as possible, not only in Djing but also we get them in to play on our nights – luckily for us, they are all great. In fact, I think we have only ever booked one band once that we didn’t like. And we don’t talk about that anymore…

BQ – Because it scarred us for life.

JC – We are really looking forward to the Summer Party when SevereZero are doing a very special cover of one of our favourite songs, they said we could pick any and we have picked a corker – you are going to love it.

Are you taking part in The Mighty Boosh festival in July?

BQ – We dont know yet… wait and see.

Your photoshoots looks like they were a lot of fun, where did they both take place?

BQ – For the one with JB Fracture, we got clearance from Westminster Council to do it in an underground carpark on Clipstone Street but the man in there was really mean to us and wouldn’t let us – by the time we were there with the photographer and all our gear the council was closed and so I had no one to call up to prove it to him. So, mainly to piss him off, we did it RIGHT OUTSIDE. We got soaked and nearly froze to death, but it’s the principal of the thing!

JBF – And everything smelt of tramp’s piss afterwards. I think next time public doorways are a no no…

BQ – Our initial one, the superheroes shoot – was behind a restaurant in Clapham Junction.

JC – The photographer Rick found it, he is the hero of finding genius dodgy alley based locations, ideal for pummelling electro boys.

Did you plan how you wanted the pictures to look (how you posed etc)?

BQ – We came up with the superheroes concept and borrowed the clothes from Red Mutha and Charles of London – we made all the props ourselves…

JC – I spent several days at my old work, actually cutting out cardboard boxes in the shapes and colouring them in with highlighters and felt tip pens – I think I deserve a blue Peter Badge…

BQ – The “baddies” in the shoot are friends of ours who we dressed up. Rick Pushinsky was excellent in posing us too – he really got what we were trying to achieve and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help us out! Hes a genius! As for the JB Fracture shoot – I had some ideas, but our photographer, Immy Ashby from iaPhotography has a really good eye for what works and what doesn’t and so we abandoned a lot of the more obscure ideas I had had, because they just didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

JBF – I spent days in front of the mirror practising my poses. All the wrestling positions and that.

BQ – It didn’t really pay off, did it…

JC – I was sad to miss out on this one – it looks like a lot of fun. JB looks frighteningly good in make up, damn him. Betty spent days plotting the most ridiculous outfits to make him look like a tard, yet he pulled it off. What a bastard.

How do you know the photographer from the first photoshoot, Richard Morris Pushinsky?

BQ – I met Rick through a mutual friend when he arrived at my 26th Birthday party dressed in shiny red devil horns. He is the most amazing photographer and has worked with some brilliant artists – if you havent checked out his website you should do

JC – I only met Rick for the first time on the day of the shoot – and instantly adored him.

Lis and Christy, your stage outfits are brilliant, where do you go shopping to find such eccentric styles?

BQ – Well we get the basics from Primark in the main! But we always customise them ourselves or we have T Shirts made for us by Charles of London too.

JC – We go shopping in our minds! And then make it a reality with pritstick and glow in the dark gel.

Do you think fashion is important to music?

BQ – The correct answer here is no, obviously. Nothing should be as important to music as the music itself, but I guess image is kind of important. For us though its more about being recognisable as a brand. The logo (the crossed guitar and lightening bolt) is actually a copy of a Tattoo I have on the back of my neck. I had had the Tattoo for quite some time, but then Chris Tate from Trash Money offered to make us a logo and he thought a stylised version of my tattoo would work really well. He came up with the logo you see all over T Shirts, badges and Earrings etc – it’s a bit odd for me in a way though, seeing people wandering around plastered in copies of my tattoo!

JC – I think Betty’s tattoo is perfect for our logo cause it really epitomises Team Awesome, bright colours and strong images

What was the first record you each bought?

BQ – Return to Innocence – Enigma. The single, on cassette. RUBBISH! I didn’t even want that one, I went with my £2.20 to Woolworths in Horncastle, Lincolnshire to buy Tori Amos’ Cornflake Girl but they had sold out, so I just got any old thing cause I was determined to get something!

JBF – The first album I bought was Labour of Love 2 by UB40, on cassette. I loved it and still get a giddy feeling whenever I hear anything from it. After that I bought my first CD which was Faith No More’s “Be Aggressive”. I can’t say either of them has had any influence over what I do now though!

FDB – Pj and Duncan, Lets get ready to rhumble. GET IN you know you still love it.

BQ – But do you know all the words? I do. I feel another challenge coming on… a PJ and Duncan off!

JC – Will this one be naked too? My turn to bring the popcorn! Next question…

BQ – Wait… you haven’t answered yet!!!

JC – Ok… *sigh* Whigfield – Saturday Night. Cassette single. From the bargain bin.

BQ – Get out of my sight.

What bands are you each currently into?

BQ – I like so much stuff, it entirely depends on my mood. I think my favourite bands at the moment to go see live would have to be Trash Money, The London Fractures, Kindle, The Budda Cakes, Butterfly Bangs… the list is TOO LONG!

JBF – I hate this question. I’m an indie kid at heart but like the electro dance vibe. I’ve been trawling my back catalogue of 80’s music at the moment…

JC – By “Electro Dance Vibe”, do you mean 2 Unlimited?!

BQ – I genuinely expected JBF to answer this question with “Did I ever tell you I won the 1000 best albums of all time?” He told me that so many times when I first knew him – and then his mate Jim told me that, although this is true, he hadnt actually even listened to more than about one yet. HA!

FDB – Girlsaloud, in my opinion they can do no wrong!

BQ – That’s not REALLY about their musical prowess though is it?!

JC – I find myself personally inspired by the rousing theme tune of Colin Fry’s “6ixth Sense” and other pan pipe classics. As well as Jack Sparrow, obviously.


JC – Oh yeah. Well, him.

Do you think people should be finding out about more underground bands than purely listening to mainstream artists?

BQ – People should listen to whatever they like and no one should tell you what you have to like and not like, but I do think nowadays there is almost a set of rules of the sort of bands which are likely to have commercial success which is based more on a sense of pre-existing forecast of sales, which isn’t based on talent at all. If you don’t look beyond that, you wont discover anything else. There are some bands I had dealings with a few years ago who I actually dismissed as not being up to much who I have now seen advertised on the telly and have had a number one album… I was GOBSMACKED when I saw them as being quoted as this amazing new act. I wont name names. But there are FAR more deserving bands out there who don’t get these opportunities and that really frustrates me.

JBF – If it’s the band I think you’re talking about then I don’t agree. They’re brilliant. They use a Kaoss Pad! Personally I think there’s no excuse for not discovering new bands yourself. Myspace is swamped with them, and the live scene seems rampant the moment. Just trawl through the local listings, have a listen online and get yourself down to a gig.

BQ – You owe me a Kaoss Pad. And no, I dont think you are correct. This band does NOT use a Kaoss Pad they use floppy hair and do that “playing an instrument really passionately” face that, actually, JBF does – its hilarious. Hmm, I wonder who you thought I meant…

FDB – God yes! There are soo many bands about at the moment we are spoilt for choice, however I think its too easy for great underground music to spill out into the mainstream and get turned into a bullshit gimmick pop group… don’t get swayed by popularity.

JC – I everyone should check out hot new boy band, Bagamudi (pronounced Bagger Moo Die)

BQ – Oh my GOD yes, I cant believe I didn’t think to say that myself…

JC – I am going to set up a myspace for them…

BQ – Bagamudi is where its at!

When and where was your first ever Team Awesome DJ set and what was the experience like?

BQ – It was the Trash Money single launch for 747. It was a lot of fun, but we were so nervous we got too drunk and I actually at one point managed to switch the decks off in the middle of a song… just pressed something, and everything went off. I had no idea what I had done, and Christy was really cross with me and I didn’t know what to do… So I sat on the floor and hid. Always an excellent plan when faced with diversity.

JC – Yes, the alcohol… I tried to hide my drunkeness with winking in all the pictures.

JBF – Mine was at Bar Rumba not too long ago… We DJ’d and my band did a gig, a nice little combination… it rather fun having the Team Awesome fans dancing onstage with the Fractures!

BQ – The Team Awesome Army can be relied upon for all forms of stage invasion and or “making us look dead good and popular” – so thanks guys!

FDB – My first gig was at the Mighty Boosh secret show in Kings Cross, London. It was a gig with the Boosh Band, I was very excited, the venue was rammed to the walls as Betty and I approached the DJ box, the crowd and our Team Awesome army were waiting anxiously for me to play my first song.…and they loved it, Betty and I were on fire, we had won the crowd. The DJ before us was playing some obscure Reggae, so Noel had asked us to mess it up with some proper electro! The Mighty Boosh band played an awesome set, and we had a lot of fun. Betty and I ended up playing into the early hours with a packed club dancing their hearts out and loving every second of it! And I did too! Since then its been non stop! We also just DJ’d at Bar Rumba at my band, Butterfly Bangs, gig there, and loads more coming up over the next few months – so keep your eyes peeled on our myspace!

What was it like to be mentioned in The Times magazine?

BQ – Ridiculously unexpected and exciting! We got a message from Charles of London on our myspace saying we were in it, and I had to ring my dad and get him to check. We like to drop that into conversation as much as possible to annoy our friends. Well, I do anyway.

JC – I was slightly miffed that there was no picture of us. When we rang Betty’s Dad, he did actually think the picture they used of Kelly Osbourne, was her. She wasn’t very happy about that.

BQ – No. I wasn’t.

Lis & Christy, you appeared in The Mighty Boosh. What was your part, which series were you in and what was it like to be part of it?

BQ – Yes, we did, it was series 3 and one or both of us were in all of the episodes except the last one. We didn’t have parts as such, we were just dicking around in the background. It was a lot of fun, as you would imagine really!

JC – A lot of good times, ups and down, ie, injuries on the bouncy castle, and all the wasps, all the wasps in the world came down to watch the boosh being filmed.

BQ – We had most of our fun waiting to be called for scenes, actually – larking around in this old disused MoD Facility.

JC – Making tiny towns…

BQ – …out of street detritus.

Do you have a lot of Mighty Boosh fans attending your DJ sets?

BQ – Well, we have a lot of Team Awesome fans who come to our shows, whether they are Boosh fans or not is immaterial!

JC – But there are very few people left in the world who arent Mighty Boosh fans now, arent there. Everyone loves the Boosh.

What do you have planned for the future of Team Awesome?

BQ – I want us to do a pod-cast. I really think we should do that – it would be a hell of a lot of fun. Could get all our pals involved and it could be a great promo tool for them too.

JBF – The recording studio is being set up at my place at the moment… and Betty thinks I’m joking? I think some kind of online radio station has to be the way forward… podcasts all the way.

BQ – Your house isnt rock and roll enough though! We would have to get either some kind of mobile recordy thing to take to bands – or get them to yours – this isnt making for a very interesting interview… we can talk about this later! But yes, Podcast – which apparently JBF will sort out. So there.

FDB – Global domination, and the radio show sounds pretty good too!

JC – Betty told me that there is too much embroidery and sculptures at JB’s house.

BQ – Its not an unfair comment. Anyway – I think now that we have our very own bass player and keyboardist, it would be rude not to do some kind of comedic performance, Christy and I have been going on about doing this for AGES.

JC – Hell Yeah! The musical cogs are turning.

BQ – We thought of some fucking brilliant names… anyway that’s another project all together…

Are your Team Awesome t-shirts available to buy online?

BQ – They certainly are! You can get them from they come in White in the sizes listed on the site, but if you cant get the size you want, or you want mens sizes, or black T Shirts, you can drop them a line and ask them! They are wonderful people and will be all too happy to help you – get a T Shirt and join the Team Awesome Army!