Brian Limond Interview

Glasgow comedian and web developer Brian Limond agreed to give us ferals an insight into his personality. With a difference. It’s our first ever Twitter interview! Each answer in 140 characters or less.


And following his recent stint on BBC2 with the original sketch show ‘Limmy’s Show’, we were keen to find out what he was up to next. We didn’t get an answer.


However, when Capt. suggested we do the interview in person…


BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix IN PERSON? F*** THAT.


BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Hahahah! Okay, so Twitter it is. Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better. Phew. You know what? I’d actually be scared, anyway.


BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Just a man.


BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond I know what you’re like, though. I’ve seen you on


BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix That’s not me, that’s a d***.


BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Glad we got that cleared up. So, I’ll just start firing questions at you when they come to me. Describe your childhood.


BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix “Describe your childhood”, haha. I was a wee boy doing wee boy things then I grew up.


BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Alright, thanks. So, trademark question: what do you know? Tell me one thing. Anything you like.

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix I know that I’m lying on my couch in my comfies, doing this interview.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Great visual there, now I don’t have to ask what you’re wearing! So what are you up to at the moment on a professional level?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix F*** all, bar a few things I want to keep secret for now.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Awww! Okay, tell us a secret, then. Any secret. Just one? Go on, you know you want to! For the ferals.

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix I stopped caring about wearing matching socks a few months ago.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond What started you off as a comedian, because I know you’re also a web developer – do you still do much of that?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix My website And I kind of meandered into what I’m doing now from that. I still do the odd bit of web work.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond When did you first realise you were funny?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix When people laughed at things I’d say. Haha.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Popcorn; salty or sweet?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Salty.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond What’s the most feral thing you’ve ever done? (hope I don’t lose track of your answers, should be fine) *firing, bang bang*

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix Just the usual, a s**** in a bush when I was young.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond I notice you’re on a lot (as you know I sometimes pop in and SHOUT AT YOU). Are you getting addicted?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Aye, sorta. I’ve been wanting to jump on the webcam at every spare moment.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond What’s your worst guilty pleasure? (i.e cheesy pop music, watching Katie Price on telly) All the details please.

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix I couldn’t say. People who say they’ve admitted their worst guilty pleasure haven’t really.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond That’s actually very true. What advice would you give to young ferals out there hoping to follow in your footsteps?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix What is a feral?

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Feral is what you make it. It basically means ‘wild’ or ‘untamed’. We’re the ferals, we’re not spoonfed by the media. Rawr.

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix I’d say to everyone to do what you want and try not to be so much of a c***. I’m talking to myself, really.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond That’s good advice. So, if you change anything about yourself to be less of a c***, what would it be?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Stop thinking so badly of people and stop seeing everything in black and white so much.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond So apart from web development and being funny, what other talents do you have, if any? Can you play a musical instrument?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix I’m very talented at arguing with people and coming across as a smart arse fanny. Very good at that.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond So, can you argue any side of an argument if you really wanted? If I ask you to argue for any particular cause could you do it?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Aye, probably, since everything is relative. You can see the good and bad in everything.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond What do you really think about the English?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix Same as what I think about the Scottish, really.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond So we’re basically all the same? And what do you think about the Scottish?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix Nothing. Just what I think about people. People are people, nice people and fannies in all countries.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Your home is on fire, everyone’s safe, you’ve got time to save three things. What would they be?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix My computer, my external hard drive and my box of memories.

@BrianLimond If you were a biscuit, what kind of biscuit would you be?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Some kind of biscuit that you really like then get f****** sick of. Jammy Dodger.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Hahah! What’s your favourite song of all time?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Geronimo’s Cadillac by Modern Talking, the 8 minute version.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Do you have any role models? Who do you really look up to?

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix I don’t have any role models, I’m 35.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond You said somewhere you didn’t know if there’d be another series of Limmy’s show, but would you want to do another?

BrianLimond  @BronwenPhoenix Aye.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have a message for the Feral Nation?

 @BronwenPhoenix Nae bother. My message is GO FOR IT.

BronwenPhoenix @BrianLimond That’s it, I think. Can’t think of any more and we’re almost out of time. Thanks for doing this.

BrianLimond @BronwenPhoenix Nae bother, Brownwen. Hahahaha.

–Editor’s Note: He knows I hate being called ‘Brownwen’.