Robots in Disguise

Robots in Disguise Dee Plume and Sue Denim are commonly described as ‘English electropunk’, and with hit singles including ‘The Sex Has Made Me Stupid’ and ‘The Tears’ – featuring Noel Fielding of Mighty Boosh fame (they also made a few appearances in the show) – the duo are definitely worth a listen. The pair have recently been promoting in Germany, and with a new album out come September (with a little help from, it seems nothing can stop these bots!

Capt. Feral Phoenix caught up with the girls of RID for a good old fashioned chat, about blue lipstick, chocolate Afghans, and swimming naked.

Capt: Hello, Robots in Disguise! Firstly, thanks for agreeing to the interview. I’ll start by asking my trademark question: what do you know? Tell me one thing.

Sue: I know about Hagfish – they have 4 hearts, 2 brains and tie themselves in knots and exude SLIME! Ew!

Capt: Ewww! And Dee?

Dee: No thing.

Capt: Fair enough! Tell us about your new album. When is it out?

Dee: Pearls of Sonic Wisdom to be released come Judgement Day.

Sue: September! It’s going to be ACE!

Capt: I understand you’re taking part in pledge music to part fund it, how does that work and how can the Ferals get involved?

Sue: Yes! Pledge us MONEY! You can buy all sorts of things, ranging from just the download of the project to a bike ride with us both! Go to PLEDGE PLEDGE PLEDGE!!!!!

Dee: If you want me I cost big.

Capt: How would you describe your music in cake form?

Dee: No confectionary can make my lips water like the RID mixing bowl. Jaffa cake.

Sue: It’s like a chocolate Afghan! It’s quite substantial but also chocolatey and gooey. And it has a walnut on top.

Capt: You’ve also got a fan club! Is that like where people join up and get RID pencils, stencils and posters etc.? (at least, that’s what fan clubs used to be like, back in the day. I’m not telling you whose I joined, because it’s embarrassing!) So what do you get when you join the RID fan club?

Sue: Why don’t you join – then you’d find out!!! 😀 But yes, it’s along those lines!

Dee: It’s where we give back to the people who love us most in any legal way we can.

Capt: Do fans send you stuff, too? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan?

Dee: A tiny box with a letter inside. Not so weird but very lovely. I have re-read that note many times savouring her words.

Sue: A picture of their arm with our faces tattooed on it!

Capt: Tell us about your affiliation with Barry M, I hear you’re writing a song for them to promote a new lipstick?

Sue: Yes we have been plotting away with Barry M for about a year now and the song is written, the video made, and we’re all very excited – it’s called Wake Up! and is all about women getting motivated and doing their own thing!

Dee: Indeed.

Capt: What kind of colour is “Robot Blue”? Always wanted blue lips. Very feral.

Dee: Goth-new romantic blue. Camden in the ‘80s. Transport yourself with application feral child.

Sue: It’s kind of a royal blue, a little shimmery. If you’ve always wanted blue lips, get yourself to the Barry M website and make a purchase – it’s only a few quid! Or you could just go outside in the snow with very little on – would probably have the same effect!

Capt: I think I’ll try option one, first! Although, always wanted to be naked in the snow… What’s been your best gig so far, and why?

Sue: London Astoria is still my favourite gig. A couple of years ago. But the gig we did in the Red Or Dead pop up shop just before Xmas was pretty special too!

Dee: Paris on tour with lesbians on ectasy. The energy in the room blew my mind left.

Capt: I love your video for “The Tears” was that fun to make?

Dee: Ja. Walking along the floor is the future.

Sue: YES.

Capt: Your website told me to buy the single, or you’ll “cuss me up”. I’m not familiar with that term. What do you mean?

Sue: It means we’ll slander your name all over the place!

Dee: It was replacing ‘f*** you up’ for the radio.

Capt: Ahhh right! Can sex really make you stupid? *nervous*

Dee: I believe so. I don’t indulge hence I can’t rightly comment.

Sue: Yes it can! All that oxytocin flooding the brain. One simply forgets oneself, doesn’t one? 😀

Capt: One does. What’s the most feral thing you’ve ever done?

Sue: Gathering berries on Hampstead Heath. Rooting in bins for food. Climbing trees. Swimming naked in the sea at night.

Dee: Eating without cutlery.

Capt: I personally like to eat all my fruit with a knife. I think it’s because I like to cut things. And how did you two first meet?

Dee: I was a famous actress in Hollywood and Sue started to write me dozens of fan letters. Of course, I was flattered at first, then I had to get the authorities involved. Robots in Disguise is a care in the community project, set up to keep Sue out of mainstream society. Of course she’ll tell you otherwise but…

Capt: I love that story!

Sue: We met at Liverpool University. Dee was a medical student and I had volunteered to be experimented on, then we found we liked the same kind of music and vowed to started a band!

Capt: How would you say your music has evolved since your first started out?

Sue: It has matured, like us! It’s a bit darker, a bit rockier.

Dee: It’s got more dirt and grime stuck to it. It makes me dance now.

Capt: What’s your writing process like, how do you get inspiration for your songs?

Dee: Trauma.

Sue: Everywhere. And usually one of us will come to the studio with an idea for a song, a verse or a chorus and we go from there. Or sometimes we just play together and a song appears!

Capt: What’s your opinion of the charts at the moment, and are there any popular bands/artists you’re really into right now?

Sue: I don’t really know what’s in the charts at the moment, I’d have to Google it. I don’t really actively listen to much pop although I quite like a bit of Lady Gaga when I hear it. And I can enjoy a dance to Beyonce!

Dee: I like?

Capt: And lastly, do you have a message for the Feral Nation?

Dee: Will you crawl for me?

Capt: I don’t know about of us, but I would happily crawl for you, Dee (any old excuse!!). Thank you, Robots in Disguise! The ferals love you. 

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