Angry Britain

Britain is angry. No, really, it is. And according to Dom Bradbury from, there’s something we can do about it.

After all, anger can be a powerful weapon; more constructive than mere hate, it can provoke us to do something to change a situation for the better, if we take the right action. is a website run solely by Dom. It currently makes no money, but is gradually growing in popularity and into something more user-friendly and interactive – that Dom has, perhaps jokingly, described as an ‘AngryTwitterSpaceBook’. We like the sound of that.

So, what’s it all about?

Speaking to Capt. Feral Phoenix, Dom said: “We’ve all been there, ranting, raving, moaning about someone or something that has upset us. Big or small, everyone has something to complain about with Britain today. Rude shop staff, bad driving, dishonest Government, the list is truly endless.

“But who really cares what us Brits think? Does anybody listen? Or is it that until now us Brits and Ferals haven’t had a genuine mouthpiece of the people that hasn’t been associated with some ludicrous politics or hidden agendas.”

Interesting…  he continued: “ aims to change this, our only agenda is a better Britain for everyone, free of rudeness, scrounging, lying MPs and a million and one other daily annoyances.

“We’re obviously onto something as we’ve had quite extensive media interest; we are great friends with BBC Radio and TV and very recently represented the UK on Chinese State Radio. In the run-up to the general election we are looking to explode onto the scene, make a lot of noise and get noticed.”

We at Feral Army certainly wish them good luck with that. But how did this internet revolution begin?

Dom said: “’This country is rubbish isn’t it, but nobody listens’ said a colleague of mine one Friday afternoon about 2 years ago just after 3pm-Tea-O-Clock. And that was it was born.”

If you have a look at their website:, you’ll see that the site’s content is provided mainly by the British public. Their rants or ‘Beef’ are emailed or tweeted directly to Dom himself, and then published on the ‘Beef’ page. Visitors can send an email to or tweet to @AngryBritain – and as far as we can tell, it’s really proving to be a hit.

Dom added: “The site has a strict set of rules for contributions. We won’t tolerate racism, incitement, libel or bad language.”

Other popular sections for us Angry Brits include the camera-phone or YouTube fans ‘YouRant’ section where you can send pics or YouTube posts in to share, not forgetting The PIT! – rather like Room 101 – where people and things that annoy Dom and his readers end up for all eternity. But, just like Nick Hancock, Dom has the final say.

Recently integrated into the site has been the well-followed blog, filled with general bits and pieces happening to Dom (Mr Angry Man) in his own life, with an aim to showing readers that the Angry Britain team are just the same as any of the readers and face the same problems.

Most notably, they’ve used the power of the interweb to take on Sky online – and won! Other victims have included Bob Crow, the RMT spokesman, and ParkingEye – the cowboy parking company.

Dom stresses that he is just a normal Brit, like the rest of us: “I am just like any of my readers, 35, work in IT, two kids, big mortgage, taxed to the hilt and worried if I’ll have a job tomorrow.

“I believe that by us Brits sticking together and making our voices heard via we really can turn the ship around. So, what I need from the ferals is their support, lots of new contributions, and any useful contacts they may have in the web design, the press, broadcast media or venture capital. And most important of all is for them to spread the message among their family, friends and colleagues.

“If we all shout loudly enough, eventually someone will listen.”

Cheers to that, Dom.