Matt Berry Interview

It was a grand day on the waters when comedian/actor/writer and musician Matt Berry proverbially stepped onto Capt. Feral Phoenix’s ship (it was actually via email) for an exclusive interview about music, acting, radio, scripts and skips.

Below he tells us what he’s been up to and where the feral land lies.


Capt: Hi Matt, how goes it? Before we get started, thanks for agreeing to the interview.

So, what are you up to at the moment? Any exciting projects you can tell us ferals about?  

Matt: Hi, I’m currently finishing my book and preparing the launch of Witchazel, my next album.

Capt: You’re pretty much the unofficial voice of Absolute Radio at the moment. What’s that like? Are you enjoying the experience?

Matt: I enjoy doing the podcasts and the few live shows I’ve done. Beats work!

Capt: You’ve been described as a writer, actor, comedian and musician but did you ever want to be a train driver or a spaceman? Or even a lorry driver? (red-lorry-yellow-lorry-red-lorry-yellow… sorry, that just came out – happens sometimes!)

Matt: I never thought much about what I wanted to be just knew what I didn’t want to be. I learned quickly that I was fucking useless at anything i wasn’t interested in. That could range from anything from Maths to Temp work.

Capt: I’m just finding out that you’re very multi-talented (a bit late, I know)! You have three albums. You also co-wrote AD/BC: A Rock Opera (which you also wrote the music for) with Richard Ayoade. What inspired you to write it, whose idea was it in the first place?   

Matt: I had the idea to do something based on Jesus Christ Superstar a while back and had the chance one Christmas. I’m quite pleased with it. Most of it works but I think I’d approach it differently if I did it now.

Capt: You’ve done compositions for quite a few shows, which was your favourite to do? Is there any you’ve worked on recently that we should look out for on telly/interweb?

Matt: Err, not recently as I spent a large part of last year recording Witchazel. I enjoy doing all music. I don’t mind what show it is mainly because I don’t really watch TV so I probably wouldn’t see it but, it’s always a pleasure to do.

Capt: If you had to recommend one of your three albums, or any album, for me to go out and buy TODAY, which would you recommend?

Matt:  ‘Broken Bells’ in March, ‘Witchazel’ in late March and anything by the ‘Fleet Foxes’ if you don’t already have it.

Capt: What was it like being a part of the Mighty Boosh? They seem like a right fun lot to work with, but I could be wrong!

Matt: I expect so, I was only in an episode or two and it was years ago so it’s all a bit of a blur now.

Capt: Did you get to keep any Boosh souvenirs?

Matt: Fulcher.

Capt: Hahah! Do you have any plans to bring back Snuff Box? It was brilliant!

Matt: Thank you. Maybe, but not in this country.

Capt: You’ve done various voiceovers including Muller Corners and the Natural Confectionary Company (Bring on the Trumpets!). But do you actually like trumpets or even Muller Corners for that matter?   

Matt: Wikipedia is amazing isn’t it?


Capt: Yes… but that didn’t answer my question!

On the subject of trumpets, what musical instruments can you play? I can play the maracas.

Matt: I play keyboard instruments as well as guitars etc i’ll have a go at anything even if it fails.

Capt: Okay, an IT Crowd-related question now. Let’s get controversial!  – Mac or PC?

Matt: Mac because it the first computer I had so I know nothing else.

Capt: Is there going to be another series of IT Crowd? If so, when?

Matt: I think so, but I don’t have a clue when I’m afraid.

Capt: When you first appeared (at the start of the second series), did you find it daunting having to replace Chris Morris?

Matt: Everybody kept telling me that it was going to be daunting. I hadn’t really seen the show at that point so I had no idea what he was doing or what the show looked like so I just did my own thing.

Capt: Got a question from one of our ferals (don’t ask me where this came from)… what’s your favourite type of underwear?

Matt: Men or Women?


Capt: Men AND Woman! We’ve actually got some lovely underwear on display at our new shop:


Matt: Obviously, the classic thong.

Capt: Nice! I’ll get you one on order! Your latest work, according to IMDB is ‘HUGE’. Can you tell us ferals what that’s all about? We’re intrigued. Go on, you can tell us…

Matt: It’s a film about two comics. Great script by Ben Miller and Jez Butterworth. I’m in it for two seconds playing an advertising man who is based on a director I worked with.


Capt: Sounds very cool, we’ll have to look out for it.

What’s the most feral thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Matt: Waited in a car park for a man who had crossed me, where I stripped the skin from his body and made a suit from it, before cooking his remains in a skip.


Capt: Fascinating! You see, I didn’t know that! I’m so glad we did this.

Will you support the ferals of Feral Army? (Don’t worry, our only weapons are words!)

Matt: If they behave themselves.

Capt: And lastly, do you have a message for the Feral Nation?

Matt: Try washing now and again.

Thanks Matt, the ferals love you. All for one and one feral!

Matt: I love you too x