I’m a writer and I write all day. In my experience as an author, journalist and copywriter/editor, I’ve found that I’ve been able to write just about anything – any topic, any style, any mood – as long as I have either a) the information available or b) the idea. Amongst others, I write for online entertainment magazines, Tuppence Magazine, and The Flaneur, as well as getting my news stories published on websites/publications, such as Deadline News.

Comedian Richard Coughlan and the tale of #CreepingSharia.

From January 2010 I ran and edited a magazine-themed website called Feral Army which specialized in blogs, features, celebrity interviews and reviews, written by me and a team of people I liked to call ‘ferals’. Interviews include: Henry Rollins, Robots in Disguise, Matt Berry (The IT Crowd), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf), author Alan Bissett,, Echovirus, Brian Limond (Limmy’s Show) and Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf). Unfortunately, this could not continue without funding, and FA closed its doors in late 2011.

Here is some of the best of Feral Army:

Matt Berry interview

Angry Britain feature

Brent Spiner vs. Capt Feral Phoenix

Robots in Disguise interview

Interview with Robert Llewellyn

Brian Limond Twitter interview

Team Awesome DJs

I also work for kids’ English learning website BrainsterTools, by editing and coming up with written prompts for the site.