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Thing is, I totally get what Alan Bissett is talking about with this blog. It’s great, it’s powerful, and being Scottish myself, I can completely identify with most of what he’s saying. But do we really need to take all the negative Scotland-England feelings and connotations associated with stereotyping and being made to feel inferior, to promote an independent Scotland and what is essentially a huge political decision? Is it really that personal? We’re deciding on what’s best for us as a country, and I really hoped we were getting over all this petty shit. He’s bringing it all back up again, and in my opinion this political separation could just make it even worse, instead of better. That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

To see what I’m talking about, read his blog, here:

3 thoughts on “Alan Bissett’s Independent Scotland

  1. I notice comments are closed on this particular entry of AB’s site. I find Denise Mina’s play ‘A drunk woman looks at the thistle’ a much more thought-provoking and useful piece. Some similar themes, but the challenge is different. AM

  2. Although Alan’s had a great response to his poem, it IS a highly controversial topic. Maybe he just doesn’t want to spark a comment war on his site – personally, I had no idea my post would show up on there the way it did. ~B

  3. as someone who came into my work said yesterday about independence ” you can have arguments on either side about economics .laws . taxes oil etc etc and what would be better for Scotland but i just want us as a country to be responsible for our own fuck ups instead of blaming someone else…. because undoubtely after independance the party in charge wether be it snp labour the greens whoever will do as good a job in fucking up scotland as the tories/labour lib dems and snp have done to scotland over the last century… at least we can say yes we are fucked but at least we fucked it up…. Personal responsibilty National Responsibility we need to make the choices for ourselves

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