In Which I Begin the Search for an Agent

I’m a published author and freelance journalist. I have three published novels, and countless features/articles/interviews and reviews in various publications (print and online) – yet I don’t have an agent, and I’ve never really cared that much about having one. But now I’ve decided I definitely need one. Let me try to explain how I have arrived at this conclusion:

Firstly, my publisher, Cauliay Publishing, has announced they are closing their doors, and leaving my third novel ‘Grassmarket Blood’ to the remaining print run and Kindle sales next April (2013). It’s a sad way for an independent publisher to go, but at least I’ve not been left entirely in the lurch, and they have been very amazing to work with.

Secondly, I do feel I can do better. Do not get me wrong; Cauliay have been very wonderful in all they have done for me so far, but they are a small independent publisher based in Aberdeen, and could only do so much to help me get the book out there to those who need to see it. I am very grateful to Cauliay for all they have done for me, but now I find myself obligated to move on (well, to be fair, I don’t really have much choice).

‘Grassmarket Blood’ had some very encouraging interest from some larger publishers, and so I’m hoping that with the right backing, someone may take it on again in print form next April. But that’s not all, I’m also working on my fourth novel, which is a weird/comedy/sci-fi/thriller, and I would like nothing better than to market it to a much wider audience.

I feel, as an author, I have a lot to offer (that rhymes), so why am I only now just beginning my search for an agent? Well, to be honest (and looking back on it now, I was naive) I felt as if I didn’t really need one. I’ve been published, I’ve sold books, I’ve been published again, I’ve even been nominated for a Galaxy Award. I’ve had sell-out signings, I’ve been in the news, and had reviews in various publications. And now here I am, finding myself in the same situation, freelancing and working my guts out trying to build a name for myself whilst keeping my head above the financial water/cesspit that is Britain’s debt society.

And I’m not standing for it anymore; it’s simply not good enough. Last week I had an article of mine plagiarised, and I found there was damn little I could do about it; they claimed they’d thought it was a press release. And no, they did not offer to pay me. I felt helpless, and just had to let it slide, especially if I wanted them on-side for promoting the book festival I am a part of this year. I don’t really want to have to deal with this type of situation, or have to explain that the money I could have earned from that article *would* have made a difference. I think you get the idea.

So, I’m reaching out to agents everywhere, in the hope that someone will want to represent me as an author and help me to carry on doing what I love. And if you’re an agent reading this, then please feel free to contact me – you’re most welcome! To the rest of you; please help me pass this information around to those who may be able to do something with it. I’d be most grateful.

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