“Shwopping” Sounds Better Than it Actually is.

So, carrying on with the theme of posting things that have nothing to do with myself,  I’m finding the recent M&S ad campaign of “shwopping” to be a bit misleading. It would be nice if we actually brought clothes in and got to swap them, instead of the clothes just going to Oxfam – why not just take them to Oxfam in the first place?

I’ll tell you why. And yes, it’s nice of the company to try and help raise awareness for posh older women who love their M&S sooooo much while at the same time upping their good-doer profile, but where’s the fun element? If people actually had a section of the store to trade in their clothes, with a proper swapping element to it, like swapstyle, that would be fun! And with no meaningful incentives like Recyclebank, this just seems to be another form of philanthropy slowly floating off into the distance. The best part about it is Joanna Lumley.

Looking at this half-assed attempt by M&S to try and do something good, making themselves the middle man and providing more dropping points to recycle over 20 million items of clothing by 2015, will they actually achieve that figure when they’re not really delivering a progressive message, or helping to educate consumers about the real facts of textile waste? Only time will tell.



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