The Picard Theory: AKA Picard’s Nexus Fantasy

I recently wrote a piece for Tuppence Magazine, with exclusive quotes from Brent Spiner about the latest Star Trek sequel in production. Which led me to remember something I came up with a while back: Picard’s Nexus Fantasy (Theory).

So, let’s switch our minds back to the Star Trek: TNG movie, Generations: How do Picard and Kirk leave the Nexus? It occurred to me, you never see the point where they leave, and you never see HOW they leave. Do they just decide to leave and there’s a big flashy exit sign? I don’t think so. It wouldn’t be that easy (Appendix A).

So imagine this; Picard never leaves the Nexus, and everything after those planets + the Enterprise blowing up is just Picard’s Nexus fantasy. First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis and the rest, all just Picard’s Nexus fantasy.

How? First Contact, yeah it’s a bit of action, maybe he was getting a bit bored. Insurrection he has a bit of fun. Nemesis he’s just starting to get a bit creative, and THEN he becomes some form of God and decides to come up with a story so that he can go back to just near the good bit, and start from scratch! New Star Trek film? Sequel in production? Guessed it: Picard’s Nexus fantasy.

So we have maybe a couple more movies, then maybe a series, JJ writes it, the plots get so ridiculous everything’s interchanged and intertwined, each character has a weird backstory that somehow corresponds with the rest of the plot, everyone gets confused, Star Trek gets more popular than ever, then one day… *THWACK!* Picard suddenly gets pulled out of the Nexus, the Enterprise crew have been saved and billions of kids who have grown up watching their favourite new Spock and Kirk characters are absolutely bloody outraged – it’s ALL BEEN A DREAM!

Appendix A: It is stated you can leave the Nexus any time and be spat out any place. Yes, but Picard wanted to get out and save the day, and that’s what the Nexus does! It gives you what you want. If it was that easy to get out then why was there such a big fuss and people getting dragged out looking like junkies on withdrawal?

Appendix B: But surely Picard wouldn’t want to see Kirk die like that? Of course he did. He wanted to be the only Enterprise Captain in the village (reference to Little Britain) and wanted the glory for himself.

5 thoughts on “The Picard Theory: AKA Picard’s Nexus Fantasy

  1. ok, nothing would effect the “new” kirk and spock BECAUSE it is an alternate timeline from the events that occurred to lead to the tv series. any other changes would cause another alternate reality. its all about quantum theory and multiverses and such….

    • But imagine! Picard created the new alternative reality, because Picard got bored! Picard has become God! And also, he felt guilty for Kirk’s death, so he decided to start again from scratch and make everything better! There, get out of that one! ~B

      • yep….NEW alternate reality. other one still there. its a parallel universe that started at the point where the new reality is created. think “Back to the Future II” where Old Biff takes a sports almanac from his time and goes back in time and gives it to his younger self. from that exact point in time, two realities are created. the good reality still exists, but we only experience the evil biff reality.
        on a slightly unrelated note, read “Q-Squared”.

        • But the new alternate reality only started in Picard’s Nexus fantasy, because he’s still in the Nexus. Duh. Once he wakes up, it’s all gone, because it *never really existed*! ~B

  2. Maybe Picard knew that and wanted to give Kirk a proper conclusion to his life, instead of that pansy way he disappeared into Space. ~B

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