Today I’m Wearing: Not Enough Love?

I’ve recently joined a website/app called Today I’m Wearing. It’s a site mostly aimed at women, and allows them to post their looks online for all to see; they can take items of clothing, say where it’s from, how much it cost etc. — and also, opening themselves up to be openly judged. Users can log on and view all the recent postings, and choose to ‘love’ looks, and follow users.

So far, so good. But I’m beginning to think it’s true what they say about women being ultra critical of each other… Browsing down all the recent postings, photos and photos of (mostly) pretty young ladies posing in the latest fashions, trends, casual tees and glamorous dresses, I’m noticing a worrying pattern; there’s not enough love there, really.

And I’m not just talking about my postings; I’m seeing some lovely outfits, displayed on some beautiful, perfect creatures, and most of these have maybe one or zero ‘loves’. There’s the occasional winner that’s got about four, and the editor’s picks that get a lot more attention, but… where’s all the love for the rest? Where is the love, damnit?

Maybe this thing will catch on and more people with start interacting with the app, but right now at least that aspect of ‘Today I’m Wearing’ doesn’t seem to be doing too well. Question is, are we too critical of each other? Let’s get into the spirit and encourage some love all around.