Writing for Our Lives

My name is Bronwen Winter Phoenix, and I’m a writer (What were you expecting, alcoholic? Impossible, considering I don’t actually drink). Yes, I’m writer. I’m one of the many, and I’m an adaptive one at that. I’m one of the many writers in the UK that live solely off writing, and therefore, it’s an unfortunate fact that I have to be adaptive. It’s not a fact that we all discuss, but it’s a true one.

Are you a writer? Are you perhaps sitting there, agreeing with me? Perhaps not. Let me elaborate on the point above; many people can choose to be many kinds of writer. They could be an author (tick), a journalist (tick), a copywriter (tick) or a screenwriter (tick). Whether they choose to be a scribe, or a blogger (tick), perhaps a critic? (tick) –  in order to succeed as a writer, and continue to grow and sharpen your skillset, you need to write as much as possible. Oftentimes, in order to be able to survive and feed yourself, you need to write about as much as you can possibly find on offer. Sometimes, you’ll get tired of one form of writing and aspire to something else entirely.

All of the above apply to me. I’m currently venturing into screenwriting, and have so far written a TV pilot, and am, at the moment (between other projects, of course) working on my first screenplay. It’s exciting. It’s a whole new world of possibilities, even. But that doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on all other avenues; I’m writing away as I always have, and that’s how I live. I’m sure if you’re a writer, you’re probably the same.

There’s something about human nature though, which often prevents us from doing new things; which keeps us stuck in routine and makes us afraid to try anything new. There’s a tipping point, but what does it take to push it? Boredom? Lack of success? No other available avenues left? Who knows.

I’ve always preferred writing fiction, and venturing into my own  mind at any available opportunity, but it’s certainly taken me quite a while of longing before finally venturing into the world of screenwriting and buying my Final Draft software. What a revelation! Did you people know that it does things such as capital letters AUTOMATICALLY?! Apparently I can use it for novels, too. Sceptical, but I’ll consider transporting Meredith into there and seeing how that helps me complete that (Meredith’s my fourth novel). I may not like it.

I digress. Writing is my profession, and my game. And when people ask me what I do, I simply call myself a writer, when really I do all of those above-mentioned ‘ticks’ and perhaps even more. Some of them I’m happy about, some less so, but at least I’m doing the one thing I’m good at, which is writing. The truth is, I enjoy it, and I’m sure a lot of you do, too. Isn’t that all we ask for?

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