‘Phobic’: Just a Thought

Transphobics, homophobics… I’ve got a bone to pick about the use of the word ‘phobic’…

Normally when you refer to the word ‘phobia’, it’s something people can’t help; it’s something they just have. They don’t choose to be agoraphobic, or arachnophobic, or chirophobic… I don’t like how bad attitudes are lumped with the word ‘phobic’ as it gives the completely wrong impression. If people were going around hating and being mean to spiders, or dogs, or say, disabled people, they wouldn’t be called phobics. They’d be called arseholes. Right?

The word ‘phobic’ sounds far too lenient, in my opinion, for a person who is filled with unadulterated and inexplicable hate for something they either don’t properly understand, or have developed through other social issues – maybe not all of them their fault, but still. It’s not something we should generally tolerate, and fastening the word ‘phobic’ onto it just sounds… more tolerant than it should? It’s not a phobia, it’s bigotry against transsexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, Muslims, Jews… the list goes on. Am I wrong about this?

Just a thought. Feel free to argue.