This is a page where you can find out more info on my published novels. These are available to purchase on Amazon, however there is the option to buy a limited number of signed copies direct from me, via Paypal. My non-existent scruples mean I’m happy to write (almost) whatever you like on them. Enjoy. ~B

Grassmarket Blood

Stanley Hobbes is a neat, quiet, verging on OCD obituary writer for the Edinburgh Times – who usually keeps himself to himself and hasn’t had much to say after two years in the same boring job – when he unexpectedly lands a potentially huge story through a ridiculously strange obituary scenario and gets promoted to a ‘proper journalist’. When he is sent to report on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he meets dangerous Russian dancer Marcella Dimitrieva and gets swept up in the strange and confusing world of the Fringe shows whilst inexplicably finding himself at the centre of a mystery. When the first murder takes place, Stanley feels he has to find some answers, but things just seem to get stranger and stranger. Haunted by his past and mourning the recent loss of his substantial tie collection, is Stanley completely out of his depth? And W.W.D.D – What would Data do?

  • ISBN-10: 0956462499
  • ISBN-13: 978-0956462497
Publisher: Cauliay Publishing (2011)

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Night Swallow is dead. A former travel journalist, she lost herself in beautiful worlds far from the London apartment where she was murdered. Following a series of dark events on an isolated island, she must face her death as she is forced to learn the ways of the spirits around her. As things start to spiral out of control, she is sucked deeper into a world she no longer recognises to battle the unstoppable force she uncovered on her travels. With help from mesmerising  spirits along the way – Magnus, a mysterious loner; Gabrielle, an extravagant former theatre actress and Leon, an unusual librarian with a penchant for seeing the dead – Night has to stop her killer from destroying all that she loved. But will her unfinished business lead her to the final answer?

Publisher: YWO/Legend Press (2009)

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Escaping Dreams

Xanther Aerts spends his agoraphobic days in a self-confined space. He is only able to leave his apartment under the cover of darkness, ordering everything he ever needs from the internet.

When he meets Beth Elretha by chance and saves her life, they are thrown together in a journey of epic and fantastical proportions. Beth’s dreams haunt her every-day life and it soon becomes apparent she is not all that she seems – she is in fact from another world to which she holds the key.

Escaping Dreams is based in a world called Orenia. The action centres on Middletown, a dying town overrun by gangs. As the town gradually decays the extremity of the situation brings to life the underground – a flourishing city where Beth first found her new home.

Mallia festival is looming, awash with music, colours and new faces but already there are signs that things are not all as they seem.

As her secret starts to escape her, Beth must defend all that she holds dear against the once-powerful race of the Chaka. Together, she and Xanther must travel far beyond the reaches of imagination before they can wake from the nightmare.

  • ISBN-10: 184386438X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1843864387
Publisher: Pegasus Publishers (2008)

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